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And So It Begins – 5 Reasons We Created A Digital Planner

Ok, so ICYMI, in our last blog we shared that we were tired of living in the not so organized chaos of life without a plan, so we created one. It was New Year’s Eve and we were reflecting on our year and we thought – how are we going to make this year different and really elevate. So we asked ourselves- How do we want to feel? Not at the end of the year but as we go through each day of the year. This is what we came up with:


We didn’t want to spend each day rushing to the finish line, we wanted to feel like we were making the most of every day.


We wanted to acknowledge that this life was such an incredible gift from God we wanted to feel grateful and practice gratitude daily.


We wanted to feel intentional, live our life by design not go through the motions and we really believed it is never too late to reimagine your life.


We wanted this year to be the year we were our healthiest, we wanted to be the best versions of ourselves we could be for ourselves and children. And lastly…


We didn’t want to do it without you, we said if this was going to be the year we figured out the blueprint, we were going to bring as many women along with us as possible.

So, we took all of that into consideration and designed a tool that has allowed us to reimagine our lives. We have set goals and achieved things we didn’t think were possible. We are excited about this new chapter and we want the same for you!

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