About Shesypre

Shespyre is a brand by women, for women. Our mission is to encourage and support women to live their life with intention and then inspire others.
Products designed to empower and enable women to step into their purpose, live intentionally, and celebrate everything.
It's never too late to step into your purpose and reimagine life!

Meet the Founders

Juliana Banner

My name is Juliana, I have unapologetically reimagined my life, stepped into my worth, and I believe each of us can find our purpose by dreaming big, and creating a plan. 

While on your journey, learn the lessons and celebrate everything!

Tabitha Chapman

My name is Tabitha and like you, I aspire to live the life of my dreams!  I believe everything is possible with a plan, and the courage to execute. Mistakes are just templates on how to do better next time!

It has always been our dream, to create a platform that supports women, and provides them with the tools and resources to realize their dreams. Shespyre for us, is about helping women step into their purpose, create the life of their dreams, and then inspire others.
Plan, execute, and celebrate everything!